We design, prototype, manufacture and validate high quality, high precision, assemblies and fabrications.

Our service offering is built around our team-based total commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This has led us to invest heavily in our people and the systems and technologies. We are certified to ISO9001 standard.

Established in 1979, Bolgers has been a trusted partner to our OEM customer base. Our solid reputation is built on high performance. We offer our customers “end-to-end” manufacturing solutions, incorporating full contract manufacturing and supply chain solution services, on an international basis. From our dedicated 5,000 Sq. Mtr. production facility we serve the Advance Manufacturing sectors of:

We work with our customers to “de-risk” their supply chain, through a competitive and flexible value proposition focusing on early engagement in the design and buying cycles. We focus on:

  • Cost (Competitive, market tested Pricing).
  • NPI Cost (Strive to achieve lowest cost and optimized performance at launch).
  • Speed (Faster time to market).
  • Responsiveness (Adapting to customer changes).
  • Improved Quality (Lean Initiatives, ISO 9001).
  • Account Management (responding to dynamic customer requests).
  • Playing Straight (Honesty with the customer).
  • Established Team Player (adopting an integrated relationship).

The resulting impact for our customers is:-

  • On-time delivery of production parts.
  • Project Management of complex product transition from prototype to production.
  • Strong relationships at all levels in an organisation, building confidence and trust, facilitating the “ease of doing business”.
  • Boosting flexibility, responsiveness and a reduction of lead times through integration of the Bolger manufacturing planning into our customer’s production cycle.
  • Guaranteeing continuity of supply.


With Over 35 Years Experience in Sheet Metal Fabrication we offer a full Advanced Manufacturing Solution to suit your business needs

Customer Trust

We are a Trusted Partner to Our Global OEM Customers


We Focus on Faster Time to Market, Cost and Quality

We Offer a Full Manufacturing Solution from Single Piece Parts to Full Assembly, all Fabricated at our High End Manufacturing Facility