Bolgers offers a full range of manufacturing solutions, featuring design for manufacturing, process validation, manufacturing and assembly, coupled with dedicated account management and logistical solutions.

With today’s business challenges we find our customers are continually driving towards higher performance.

At Bolgers we meet that challenge with:

  • Focus on Cost.
  • Faster Time to Market.
  • Improved Quality.

We achieve this through:

  • Design for manufacturing input.
  • Process Validation.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly.
  • Worldwide Logistical and Supply Chain Solutions.

Engaging with your design team at early concept phase we help develop parts for manufacturability to achieve a faster time to market with the  lowest cost and optimized performance at launch.

A variety of full validation principles from first article inspection through to full pre-production approval process (PPAP) disciplines.

Manufacturing and Assembly
We offer a full fabrication and assembly solution at our high-end manufacturing facility encompassing new technology, innovation, and lean manufacturing principles.

Worldwide Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions
We engage with you on your logistical requirements and develop the optimal solution to meet your needs.

At Bolgers, we have engaged with customers to identify their needs and developed solutions to mitigate all potential risks to your business.

We have successfully implemented solutions such as 3rd Party logistics (3PL) and Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) programs. In essence, that means we have your products on the ground, in very close proximity to your place of business, for immediate call off. This gives you back the time to concentrate on adding value to your core business needs.

Faster time to market

Optimized Cost and Performance at Launch

Bolgers quality

Full Validation from FAI to PPAP

Project Management

Dedicated Account Management from Prototype to Production 


Full Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions incorporating 3PL and VMI