Medtronic Case Study

Sector – Medical, Critical Care Ventilators.
Turnover – $10 billion.
Employees – 41,800.

EMC Shielding Test on 840 Ventilator:

  • Failing Test.
  • Assembly /Enclosure to control EMC shielding around their Inspiratory Module.
  • Customer Designed Enclosure with 24 Bends.

The Bolgers team got involved with the Customer Design Team in Carlsbad USA to resolve this issue:

  • Reviewed & Re-designed a more cost effective solution – 7 individual parts.
  • Changed material, welding & plating processes.
  • New designs are cost effective to manufacture & assembly process achievable.

Customer has a cost reduced solution with a simplified assembly process & parts can be modified/changed without cost impact.

When Bolgers are involved at DFM stage a more cost effective product can be manufactured.